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Your comfort. Our promise.

Residential HVAC Equipment
Caldwell puts your comfort at the center of everything we do, and everything we make. We build our home comfort systems for efficiency, easy use, and rock-solid reliability. We build them so you can enjoy your home better and live happier.
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Our HVAC Equipment for more comfortable
Smart, efficient, and reliable equipment paired with experienced professionals

With clean air and a comfortable temperature at all times, the comfort you deserve in your home is yours. And, not only are our systems unsurpassed in their efficiency and dependability, but we promise to keep them that way over our long relationship with you.


Caldwell is making home heating and cooling more efficient and more reliable than ever before. Explore air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps and more. 

Heating and Cooling

You can get cleaner, more comfortable air with products that integrate directly into your YORK® air conditioner or heat pump. Find out how.

Indoor Air Quality

With modern designs and Wi-Fi® connectivity, we’re reinventing home comfort control. See our exclusive range of programmable and communicating thermostats, and our innovative Hx™3 Communicating Zoning System.

Thermostats and Controls

The premier provider of YORK® proprietary, semi-proprietary residential and commercial HVAC parts.

Parts & Supplies

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Enjoy your home like you're meant to with the temperature and air quality always just right.